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Did you know that we monitor urban waste collection in Cascais? With the growth of the resident population in recent years, an increase in the volume of waste produced might have been expected. However, and as a result of the existence of environmental sustainability policies and an active population that believes in the 7 R's of Sustainability (Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Reuse, Recycle and Recover), since 2019 it has been possible to record a decrease in waste produced.

Joint efforts have made it possible to change behaviour and even contribute to achieving environmental targets (an example of this is the increase in the collection of recyclable waste, to the detriment of undifferentiated waste).

On the road to sustainability and carbon neutrality 2050, every action counts. Discover all the data in the dashboard below:

Cascais has taken consistent steps in its mission to divert rubbish from landfill and promote the circular economy. Analysing the graph above, comparing the years 2014 and 2023, we can see a clear evolution in terms of collection: 

In 2014 - 2,817.86 tonnes
In 2023 - 5,614.34 tonnes 

In 2014 - 2,124.90 tonnes
In 2023 - 4,429.88 tonnes 

In 2014 - 1,485.36 tonnes
In 2023 - 3,949.66 tonnes


The municipality of Cascais is covered by a vast operational network. The daily collection of undifferentiated waste is the best known and covers the entire municipality. Throughout the municipality we have containers available for the selective collection of glass, paper and cardboard, plastic and metal packaging and packets for liquid food.

The Ecocentre Network is dedicated to the collection of electrical cables, small household appliances, batteries, toners and ink cartridges, light bulbs, spray cans, crockery, mirrors and glass, cassettes, DVDs, CDs, paint cans, books, magazines, corks, caricas and coffee capsules.

The Oleons Network collects Used Cooking Oils (OAU) which, when improperly disposed of down the drain (kitchen drain or santita), can damage pipes, increase the appearance of pests and cause problems in wastewater treatment plants.

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