Who is ready to transform the future of cities and communities?

Cascais is the only municipality to be part of the new Cities of the Future, Communities of the Future Innovation Accelerator. Launched by the Nova SBE innovation Ecosystem, this debate and reflection group is looking for students, researchers, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises to help drive innovation and sustainability.

The invitation is to embrace different perspectives, collaborate with industry leaders and explore tailor-made solutions to real problems in the areas of Carbon Neutrality, such as the creation of new tools to control carbon emission mitigation measures; Urban Life, Proximity and Community Services, which include new forms of mobility or waste management; or Construction, Infrastructure and Architecture, looking at the creation of new materials based on raw materials that are now treated as waste, or new environmentally friendly design proposals.

Applications for Startups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are now open. For students, young entrepreneurs and researchers, applications open on 15 April.

Sign up and be part of this transformative journey towards a sustainable future. More information here