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In Cascais, we seek to understand the territory through data, and leverage solutions that quickly and transparently solve the challenges we face.
We are investing in our internal information systems, so that we can optimize and share knowledge broadly. We also collaborate with citizens and external organizations to obtain data through different sources, which allows us to build a joint look at the reality we live in.
Through these actions we optimize our services, while improving our response skills to citizens, and promote the sustainable development of Cascais.

Join us and contribute to the creation of value of this learning community: explore data, analyze information and make customized requests on your areas of interest. Let us know your conclusions and discover other re-uses of data created by community members.




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Our services provide assistance to users who need support in researching county data, but also in interpreting and identifying relevant indicators for their data analysis.

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Explore data and develop your projects

Explore our data archive on Cascais, with information produced by the municipality or other external entities. Through a single click, you can access data in various formats and reuse it in the production of analyses, maps, or in the development of new software and product concepts. 

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Discover new insights about Cascais and share them with us

Put your creativity and analytical spirit to work, and tackle data in different visualizations. Share it with the community and get feedback, while making suggestions and learning from other users.    

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