Cascais Smart City

Cascais has an ideal setting for innovation and experimentation, due to its size, diversity, natural resources and cultural heritage - all combined with dynamism and human potential. 

Focused on improving life quality for those who live or visit Cascais, several actions have been carried out, solving day-to-day needs with technology support, and involving citizens in the search for solutions and their implementation. These actions contribute to a sustainable development based on a responsible and intelligent usage of resources.

By sharing a common vision for the territory, led by the Municipality, it is possible to integrate the various interventions, as well as share and efficiently use resources, also ensuring that each stakeholder has its role in the territory's ecosystem and contributes to the promotion of quality of life.

This strategy has enabled innovation to be addressed at many levels, and has secured national and international recognition from partners and organizations. In 2021, the municipality was recognized with the second place in the European Rising Innovation City award.

This is our future