Cascais Smart City

Cascais has an ideal setting for innovation and experimentation, due to its size, diversity, natural resources and cultural heritage - all combined with dynamism and human potential. 

Aiming to improve the quality of life of those living or visiting Cascais, several actions have been carried out, solving everyday needs with technological support, and involving citizens in finding and implementing solutions. These actions contribute to a sustainable development based on a responsible and intelligent use of resources.

By sharing a common vision for the territory, led by the Municipality, it is possible to integrate the various interventions, as well as to share and use resources efficiently, also ensuring that each stakeholder has its role in the territory's ecosystem and contributes to promoting the of quality of life.


We are committed to an open and colaborative approach, and we look at the territory with expertise and an aggregating mindset. We apply innovation and interactivity at the service of sustainability, citizenship and well-being. We also address the challenges of 21st century populations and territories.

We engage with and learn from other actors in the ecosystem, welcoming delegations from other cities and entrepreneurial teams.
We actively participate in international networks of knowledge-sharing, with cooperative initiatives and co-designed solutions.


Citizen-centred | Data Driven | Transparency

How we want to achieve this
Ensuring an efficient, simplified and increasingly automated public service.
Strengthening the internal demand for quality and speed in service delivery.

Data-driven management and decision-making. Predicting events by monitoring and managing incidents - Cascais Operations Center.
Promoting training programmes and internal innovation.


Co-creation | Citizen-centred | Transparency

How we want to achieve this
Customizing our communication with citizens and receiving their feedback.
Ensuring the community's involvement in decision making processes via the municipal participation system.
Delivering innovative services and solutions in strategic areas such as housing, education, social and health care. 


Bench learning | Citizen-centred | Sustainability

How we want to achieve this
Establishing policies to attract and retain talent, financial resources and companies.
Integrating networks for knowledge sharing and value creation. Generating local impact through new solutions. 

Competing to raise Cascais' position on the map of innovation and education excellence.
Increasing the level of bench learning: sharing and implementing good practices.


Sustainability | Citizen-centred | Data Driven

How we want to achieve this
Developing and amplifying transformational projects across the territory: solutions for mobility and adaptation to climate change, waste management, heritage valorization and new social responses.
Investing in innovative solutions and using emerging technology to achieve efficient and sustainable results.
Building on integrated and interoperable systems. Anticipating needs, leveraging synergies and assessing impacts.

National and International Recognition

Our investment in monitoring systems and innovative and collaborative solutions has allowed us to promote the Cascais Smart City project to several entities, earning public recognition.

* ISO 37120 - Sustainable Development of Communities - achieved platinum certification (the highest of 5 levels) 

* iCapital, European Capital of Innovation Awards 2021 - 2nd place in the European Rising Innovation City category.

* National Innovation Award 2023 - Public Enterprise or Public Administration category.