Estoril Conferences 2022

This edition celebrates 10 years of the event

with a new identity and signature

Nova SBE

The 7th edition of the Estoril Conferences will take place in 2022. In addition to a new identity and signature, and a new website, the international event that over the past 10 years has brought to Portugal some of the world's and Portugal's top leaders to debate global issues has a new management assumed by Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE).

Following its collaboration in the Estoril 2019 Conferences, Nova SBE takes on the implementation of this international conference while maintaining the support of the Cascais City Council, which has managed the organisation of the event until recently. "A new home, but with the same commitment, with the same freedom, pluralism and humanism", highlights Carlos Carreiras, Mayor of Cascais.

Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova SBE, assumes that "as a European school of business and disruptive economy, we want to give stage to those who want to change and create impact in the world. We want to promote an open and inter generational dialogue that contributes with solutions to the world's most pressing challenges for a sustainable and inclusive future common to all. We are therefore committed to developing and training the leaders of the future, curious minds and resilient souls, creating a culture of impact to continue to grow collectively."

The Estoril Conferences present a new identity and signature, inspired by the horizon, the future and the goals of the next edition that aims to bring new generations into the inter generational debate with a focus on a more inclusive and sustainable future common to all, also reflected in the featured illustration. This is the starting point of a new perspective that promises to guide us into the future. "A Future of Hope" is the signature that marks the repositioning and the new direction that the Estoril Conferences now intend to take within Nova SBE, and that also represents the ambition to contribute in a positive way to the evolution of our societies, in a global, constructive and inclusive commitment.

The redesigned identity and visual are reflected in the new website of the Estoril Conferences, with a young and dynamic image, with simple and intuitive access to content, which will allow you to navigate through the 10 years of the Estoril Conferences, and wait for the news that this event will bring in the next edition. All the information and news about the Estoril Conferences can also be followed through the social media channels present on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Visit the new Estoril Conferences website here.