Cascais Participa

Cascais Participa is a strategy of Society & Education - Cascais Smart City

Cascais Participa, as a municipal citizenship strategy, is distinguished by its unifying nature, acting on five different areas of participation:

  • Information/communication: Cascais Edu, Cascais 360º, live streaming town hall meetings;
  • Consulting: Nós Propomos, Local Forum for the Rights of Children and Young People, Voluntariado de Dados/ Data Volunteering;
  • Collaborating: Fix Cascais, Alerta Golfinhos, Voz dos Jovens, Youth Volunteering;
  • Co-decision: Participatory Budgeting, Youth Participatory Budgeting, Associativism;
  • Co-managing: Tutor de Bairro/ Neighbourhood Tutor, Social Network, Oxigénio/ Oxygen, Reinvente o seu Bairro/ Reinvent your Neighbourhood.

These are some of the projects and programmes developed, whose participation can be face-to-face or digital.

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