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2nd European Rising Innovative City 2021

Cascais, Winning City


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Cascais Info
We're proud to provide an extensive repository of data encompassing Cascais' demographics, territory, facilities, and services, all at your disposal for a complete 360º exploration.
First H2 Unit, Clean Energy at Cascais
By building this production, storage and supply unit, Cascais becomes the first municipality in Portugal to have one of these infrastructures.
Cascais hosts innovative cities
Four days of sharing experiences and defining paths between eleven European cities honoured by the European Innovation Council.
Mentoring and Computing
A school focused on the future: strengthening support for teachers in the classroom and promoting scientific and technological literacy, focusing on school success.
App Fix Cascais
When an App invites the citizen to be part of the change: report, in real time, situations that require resolution by municipal services.
The Viver Cascais Card
The Viver Cascais card is a multi-services card that intends to increase the county's exploratory potential through the eyes of all those who live, work or study in Cascais.
Do you know where you can learn music?
We'll tell you! There are more than 90 spaces available where citizens can express their talents: music, theatre, dance and plastic arts.
Living Lab, territory of innovation
A place for experimenting with innovative solutions. A physical space that aims to develop the concept of Smart Cities in a real environment.

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16 May
Technology Base Incubation Centre New technology centre aims to support the creation and training of new business models for the tourism sector.
26 Mar
CircularTech Agenda Cascais takes part in a project to innovate the waste value chain. Turning "rubbish" into raw materials is one of the main objectives of the CircularTech Agenda.
06 Mar
Innovation Accelerator Cascais is the only municipality to be part of the new Innovation Accelerator, a discussion and reflection group involving students, researchers, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises.
17 May
Cascais Marine Biodiversity in the World Data League 2023 The grand semi-final of the WDL has already begun, and Cascais has been put to the test.
06 Apr
Carcavelos has a new Basketball Court The pitch features the image of Mery Andrade, current assistant coach of the Birmingham Squadron, the NBA affiliate of the New Orleans Pelicans.
27 Feb
Cascais at the World Ocean Summit The World Ocean Summit & Expo is an annual event that brings together the best professionals working on behalf of the ocean: business, government, civil society, and academia.
13 Jan
Over 9000 families participate in a biowaste project Did you know that every citizen produces 250 kilograms of biowaste per year such as: food leftovers, food that has passed its expiration date or even leftovers of vegetables/fruits.
21 Dec
Innovative warning systems for natural phenomena Cascais will have two projects to alert to natural phenomena such as: heat waves, cold waves, flood risk, and flooding.
25 Nov
UN Conference on climate change Cascais was presented as one of the 50 cities selected by the "Urban Transition Acceleration Mission" program.