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2nd European Rising Innovative City 2021

Cascais, Winning City


Education doesn't end at school
More than 1 000 stops provide access to transport buses that connect young people to their schools. Whether for studying or extra-curricular activities, this is a sustainable choice.

To be eco-conscious
Growing up can be a challenge, but there are many tools and the citizens of the future are in the making. Environmental awareness is actively promoted in and out of school.
Planning the Future
Planning, forecasting and anticipating the future are some of the skills developed in the youth entrepreneurship programs. Just in the 2021/22, 73 projects were submitted by students.
Agents for change
Actively participating in the community and bringing dreams to life. Being proactive can start in projects like the Youth PB, which has taken 3696 ideas to voting since 2016.

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13 Jan
Over 9000 families participate in a biowaste project Did you know that every citizen produces 250 kilograms of biowaste per year such as: food leftovers, food that has passed its expiration date or even leftovers of vegetables/fruits.
21 Dec
Innovative warning systems for natural phenomena Cascais will have two projects to alert to natural phenomena such as: heat waves, cold waves, flood risk, and flooding.
25 Nov
UN Conference on climate change Cascais was presented as one of the 50 cities selected by the "Urban Transition Acceleration Mission" program.
28 Sep
Portugal Mobi Summit 2022 Mobi Summit discussed the way we move and new transportation solutions that are fundamental for the management of cities and the future of the planet.
11 Aug
Estoril Conferences 2022 The Estoril Conferences return with a new identity, in an edition that celebrates 10 years of the initiative.
11 Aug
Futur/io Cascais has joined this initiative with the aim of co-creating an even cleaner and healthier future in partnership with other European cities .
18 Aug
"Smart Ocean" - Cascais joins the Oceans Conference Cascais has its say on ocean protection and took part in the Oceans Conference.
03 Jun
Urban Future 2022 Urban Future was held in Helsingborg (Sweden) on 1 and 2 June 2022, and brought together the world's leading sustainability experts.