Sport starts with attitude. That's why, at the beginning of April 2023, we "took to the streets" to find out whether people in Cascal have physical activity habits and whether they use sports equipment.

In this interactive dashboard you can access the main conclusions of the questionnaire:

- 67.8 per cent of those surveyed have only one main objective: to practise physical activity. "General physical fitness" was the most popular option.

- 68.3 per cent chose only one place to practise physical activity: "outdoors".

- Sporadic sportspeople have leisure as their main objective (42.2%) and favour the outdoors (62.9%).

- Frequent sportspeople have "general physical fitness" as their main objective (46.3%) and, as well as favouring the "outdoors" (42.3%), they also exercise in the "gym/studio" (27.7%).

We would like to thank the 1,236 people who took part in this questionnaire, contributing their experience and opinions, thus helping to gather useful information. 

Cascais' Participation System is based on the growing importance of decision-making based on real data, as well as on the involvement of citizens in the city's policies.