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Data4All is a public participation tool of the Municipality of Cascais, open to all citizens who wish to actively contribute. Based on their experience, citizens can share relevant data, try out projects as beta testers, and share opinions/suggestions about municipal strategies/initiatives.

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The operational basis of Data4All is the importance given to decision making based on real data, as well as the citizen's involvement in the city's policies. Starting with a theme identified by the municipal services, the project is developed with the citizen in mind, through two possible actions:

1. Data collection actions, as a source for listening to the citizen's opinion and experience.

2. Citizen Panels, by engaging citizens in concrete projects, and fostering dialogue and active listening.

Data4All Strategic Points

1. Support to Decision Making. Data4All delivers real information/data about the perception and knowledge of citizens. It can also help to underpin ongoing studies.

2. Data Sharing. The information collected and analyzed is made available in different models: via open data on the Data Cascais portal or in the form of infographics or dahsboards. It contributes to the dissemination and maximization of knowledge. 

3. Opportunities Generator. The process creates opportunities for the integration of Beta Testers and Early Adopters into exciting and innovative municipal services.

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Strengthening the dialogue strategies between the Municipality and the community

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Data4All is one of the multiple mechanisms of the Participation System that the Municipality of Cascais has been developing over the last decade. It places people at the center, giving them the opportunity to choose between different ways of exercising their citizenship. Learn more about this ecosystem, download the booklet here