Connecting the territory through a sustainable and dynamic network

Cascais has invested in promoting the efficiency and quality of transport services, basing its choices on decisions that reduce the environmental impact of the network. This strategic approach has enabled the implementation of a free municipal public transport service (for all those who live, study or work in the municipality), as well as increasing its sustainability, through the reduction of CO2 emissions, the offer of soft mobility services, or by investing in new forms of mobility. 

A rede de autocarros gratuitos disponibiliza 44 percursos que se interligam com os 157 estabelecimentos de ensino do concelho. Saiba como alcançá-los, através das 1 025 paragens associadas:


Passe o cursor por cima de cada círculo verde para obter a informação sobre as linhas municipais; e sobre os círculos amarelos para obter informação sobre a escola.

Other data visualizations: Electric Vehicle Charging

Explore and create data visualizations with the Mobility data available in open format.

Cartão Viver Cascais

Quem pode beneficiar do transporte gratuito? 

O transporte rodoviário no concelho é gratuito para: residentes, trabalhadores e estudantes. Basta ser portador do Cartão Viver Cascais.
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MobiCascais APP

MobiCascais is a free APP that gathers information from several mobility operators and allows users to search and select the best travel option for their needs. In addition to consultation, several services may be paid for directly on the APP, simplifying the access to the public network in a simple and transparent manner. 

The APP presents the mobility offer available in Cascais and reinforces the complementarity of the mobility network: whether through public transport, bike sharing or public parking lots, users now have access to an overview of their entire mobility path.

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Hydrogen Buses

The circular route that connects Cascais Station to Guincho (line M43) is composed of buses fully powered by hydrogen, and is the result of the municipality's continuous effort to reduce its ecological footprint and contribute to sustainable mobility. 

The hydrogen cell allows greater efficiency and autonomy when compared to other electric vehicles, also ensuring zero emissions of greenhouse gases.

These buses result from national technology and are 100% produced in Portugal. In addition to their construction, the supply itself will be provided by the municipality, through a pioneering project that intends to transform landfill waste into sustainable fuel. In this way, not only is an alternative solution to fossil fuel created, but it also contributes to the reduction of C02 emissions during the waste treatment processes. 

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Smart Parking

Cascais Próxima implemented an pilot-project of intelligent parking system using parking space sensing and intelligent cameras. 

Based on this system, drivers driving to the busiest roads in Cascais will be able to find available parking spaces in real time, and to know the occupancy rate of the places they are heading to through information panels updated at the moment. 

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