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A source of inspiration and a cradle of talents, the municipality of Cascais is a centre of artistic life and has more than 90 cultural facilities (non-professional) where citizens can express their talents in different areas: visual arts, dance, music and theatre. Explore this search feature and share it with your network. 

Vila das Artes

Cascais has been over the years home to writers and artists, inspired by the landscapes and the secular quality of life. Mircea Eliade, Paula Rego, Carlos Avilez, Daniela Ruah or Fernando Lopes-Graça are many of the names we associate with our streets and local artistic production.

Taking as its starting point the renovation of the Cruzeiro Building (Estoril), the new Vila das Artes includes a set of equipment in the surrounding perimeter: Museum of Portuguese Music, Fernando Lopes-Graça Auditorium (Palmela Park), Cascais Conservatory of Music and Dance, Mirita Casimiro Municipal Theatre and Sra. da Boa Nova Auditorium. 

O Cruzeiro

The Cruzeiro Building, inaugurated on January 28th, has the residence of the Cascais Professional Theatre School, the Cascais Conservatory of Music, as well as the Dance Academy.

If hobbies quickly turn into passions for life, the new Arts Village contributes to this ambition. And since continuous training is the natural step for those who want to make a living from the arts, there are many spaces and offers in the municipality that help to implement this seed, from an early age.