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Cascais prides itself on being the best place to live... and to swim, cycle and run! Overlooking the sea, with its mild climate and 3 000 hours of sunshine a year, the municipality has the ideal tracks and facilities to take part in the most demanding and toughest sporting event on the planet: the IRONMAN. 


And it's not only the length that is impressive, with its 3.8 km of swimming in open water, the 180 km of cycling and the 42,2 km of running. The demanding structure and the impact of this international event on Cascais is also impressive. 

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The IRONMAN figures

It was 7am and 4 600 participants of Ironman reunited in Cascais Bay. This is a race for super-athletes, a competition that only those who are not afraid of challenges. Around 20 thousand people witnessed one of the most chilling moments of the race: the national anthem sung acappella before the sunrise on Praia da Ribeira. 

Some figures about the international event gathers sport, tourism and economy: 

- 2 Portuguese flags were spotted among the first 10 athletes to finish the race.
- Gathering of nationalities: 101 flags from different countries were displayed along the course. The athletes' diverse origins were even higher than the IRONMAN World Cup itself. 
- The UK was the country with the most athletes registered, followed by Portugal and Spain. 
- The youngest participant was 18 years old and the oldest 73
- Around 82% of participants were men and 18% women (a rising trend). 

Opportunities for an active, dynamic and healthy life

The notion of quality of life is widely associated with health and well-being. The space in which we live and the conditions it provides contribute greatly to the creation of a healthy life, based on an active, conscious and sustainable lifestyle. In Cascais, we provide all the conditions for you to enjoy a complete state of physical and mental well-being