Cascais Marine Biodiversity in the World Data League 2023
Cascais praia

Cascais challenges data analysts in the second stage of an international competition.

Cascais presents the first municipally-managed Marine Protected Area (MPA) and aims to study the future behavior of local and invasive species in the Avencas Marine Protected Area.

For the third consecutive year, Cascais is a partner of the World Data League and enters the second phase of the competition with its challenge. The main theme is Biodiversity, and the chosen case study is the "Avencas Marine Protected Area - Predicting the Future of the Local Ecosystem and its Species." The competing teams are expected to explore data collected from scientific monitoring processes conducted in recent years and, based on these data, produce a mathematical model that predicts the short and long-term impact on the development of threatened and invasive species.

The theme of the sea and biodiversity has received significant attention from the municipality, which has a Municipal Sea Technical Strategy Unit and is part of the Municipal Council of the Sea, composed of 40 strategic entities on the subject.

The ongoing actions aim to manage, protect, and enhance the natural and historical heritage of the coastal zone, mitigate the effects of climate change on biodiversity, and enhance the local economy connected to the sector.


About the World Data League:

The World Data League is an international competition that brings together the best minds in data science around challenges related to urban spaces, environment, and sustainability, with Cascais municipality as a partner.

Only the top 5 teams in the competition will be eligible to compete in the final stage of the World Data League and qualify for the grand prize.

In previous editions of the competition, the Cascais City Council proposed challenges related to the use of public spaces and air quality, as well as the impact of interventions in public roads on the performance of the public transportation network. The results of this project can be found here.

WDL also provides a Digital Data Library where all studies conducted during the competition can be found.

You can find out all about Cascais' participation in this project from minute 46.