Cascais at the World Ocean Summit

On the wave of ocean sustainability

The World Ocean Summit & Expo will be held in Lisbon between February 27th and March 1st, and Cascais cannot miss this opportunity to be present on.


After the first day of the conference, the importance of ocean health and systems of observation and data capture (but also peer-to-peer sharing) is reinforced. As well as the need to rethink the ways of operating at sea, whether by large economic groups of fishing and transport, or through scientific collection and monitoring processes.

The observation of maritime behaviors through spatial tools in complementarity with direct observation, in detriment of pre-established models, has brought improvements in local intervention, with impacts that can be scaled back. 

If the presence of microplastics in the sea is spreading on a global scale, there are many initiatives for ecosystem restoration and carbon rehabilitation to keep an eye on. Another of the most pressing concerns is to find solutions to measure the 9 Planetary Limits on a local scale, and to find indicators adjusted to this monitoring.


Taking care of the oceans for more than a decade

In Cascais, the concern with the ocean has been addressed on several fronts, in an effort to find a balance between environmental sustainability and the enjoyment of the best of our coastline. The creation of the Marine Protected Area of Avencas and the Aquasig Project (Chart of sensitivity and potentiality of the coastal area of Cascais) are some examples of existing projects, reinforcing the need for protection and regeneration of local ecosystems, combating invasive species, investing in awareness and protection actions. Always in a common dialogue with local stakeholders, so that this goal is an unified effort to protect one of our most precious resources, the sea.

The World Ocean Summit & Expo is taking place until next Wednesday.