Smart Waste Management
Smart Waste Management is a project of Environment & Energy - Cascais Smart City

Smart solution focused on automated monitoring of municipal waste management.
By placing sensors in 400 eco containers and ecological islands, reports are generated on filling levels, allowing to design and plan collecting routes in a more efficient way.

The waste collection vehicles also feature state-of-the-art technology, allowing them to handle all types of bins, as well as reading tags to identify the location of street waste that requires separate collection (such as garden cuttings and large items - e.g. furniture).
The data collected is sent to the fleet management system, ensuring that drivers can focus on the collection points that actually require intervention (fill limits at 80% or more).
Smart waste management allows carbon dioxide emissions to be reduced by around 350 tonnes/year, as well as reducing the mileage of collection trucks by 180,000 km per year. This ensures savings of around 800 thousand euros/year in the waste management system, without any service compromise and by enhancing response capacity.

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