Did you know that in Cascais we have an offer of more than 200 sports, spread across several Sports Gyms/Businesses and Sports Clubs? Find out which one suits you best

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Opportunities for an active, dynamic and healthy life

The notion of quality of life is widely associated with health and well-being. The space we live in and the conditions it provides contribute greatly to the creation of a healthy life, based on an active, conscious and sustainable lifestyle. In Cascais, we provide all the conditions for citizens to enjoy a complete state of physical and mental well-being.

Health Academy

The Health Academy is a municipal initiative that aims to inform and raise public awareness about healthy practices, and from these, build their health and quality of life journey. 

Health promotion occurs through multiple actions spread across the municipality, in online informative sessions and in the local service spaces.

Through these, the Academy welcomes ideas from the population for new projects, and makes known the health resources available: equipment, partnerships and actions that take place all year long.

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360º Cascais

360º is an online platform that brings together all information about cultural and sporting events that take place in Cascais. Accessible via website or APP, it is possible to combine several filters in searches and find details about exhibitions, shows and sporting events by category or cultural equipment.

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Cascais Digital Library

Cascais Digital Library allows the access to a series of documents of historical and cultural interest that would otherwise be unlikely to be known. 

It promotes free access to the municipality's journey through History, via the preventive conservation of key documents, the digitization of works of recognized heritage value, and the digital availability of works published by the municipality.

In addition, the Digital Library is integrated in several national and European networks, including Europeana - European Digital Library, which increases the visibility of our collections abroad.  

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History and Heritage Platform

The History and Heritage platform provides access to the Municipal Historical Archive and the Digital Library and allows consultation of several historical archive records from different funds in which the Municipality of Cascais is the trustee (public and private). The online catalogue allows searches and checking the availability of documentation in the Cascais libraries.
The History and Heritage Platform is not only an extremely valuable repository, but also a very useful tool for those who want to discover the history of their county.

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Virtual Reality Visits to Municipal Museums

The museums of Cascais can now be visited, even without leaving home. Virtual visits to places such as the Village Museum, Casa Sommer (Historical Archives), the Library for Children and Youth, or the Cascais Cultural Center are now accessible on the Bairro dos Museus website. 

Besides navigating through several places of the facilities, the virtual visits allow the access to the descriptive content of each art piece and its proper contemplation.

Examples of the collection available for consultation are the exhibitions "Paula Rego: Desenhar, Encenar, Pintar", "Pintura Democrática - Coleção Luísa e Manuel Pedroso Lima" and the photography exhibition "Vivian Maier - street photographer".

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Cascais Social Network

The Cascais Social Network will be 20 years old in 2022. This is a network made up of institutions and social agents active in the municipality, whose continuous work promotes the fight against poverty and social exclusion, through integrated social development, and the pursuit of inclusion and social cohesion.

The members of the Network develop projects and initiatives that make up various complementary responses throughout the territory, and invest heavily in training and qualification of their organizations to improve the capacity and quality of response of services.

Currently, 119 organizations are part of the Social Network, which make up 25 partnership networks.

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