The "Jovens Empreendedores| DNA" Project is in its 16th edition, and in the last 6 years has gathered 760 projects submitted by more than 23 200 students.
The DNA Escolas Empreendedoras is one of the strategic pillars developed by the organization for social and creative entrepreneurship, and in addition to the contest "Cascais Jovens Empreendedores" also includes the "DNA CASCAIS / Junior Achievement Portugal" and the "DNA CASCAIS Cientistas Empreendedores".

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Encouraging innovation and co-creation through an ecosystem of experimentation

For Cascais to be the best place to live for a day, a week or a lifetime, it has to offer the finest to its inhabitants, visitors and workers.
Its dynamic and resilient economy is based on valuing tradition, encouraging innovation, and attracting investment. Moreover, we are committed to an ecosystem articulated between start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors, also associated with knowledge, research and training.

Bairro Amarelo

Bairro Amarelo is the result of a local intervention to improve commerce and restaurants in the center of Cascais. It promotes the attraction of visitors to the local commerce through the implementation of more terraces and cultural entertainment, and ensures greater pedestrian safety by prohibiting car circulation.

This joint project between the Associação Empresarial do Concelho de Cascais (AECC) and local businessmen delimits an area in the historic center, between the streets Nova da Alfarrobeira, Alexandre Herculano and Afonso Sanches. 
Similar to the Yellow Neighborhood, there is Estrada Amarela in Carcavelos, operating in the restaurant area of Estrada da Rebelva, only occurring during the summer time.

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ESA BIC Portugal - Cascais

DNA Cascais is a partner of the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre in Portugal (ESA BIC Portugal).  This program is one of the ESA's incubation centers at a European level, where startups that apply technology developed for space are supported, in sectors such as health, transport, energy, security and urban life.

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DNA Cascais Agency

The DNA Cascais Agency is a non-profit association established in 2006, with the aim of contributing to the promotion, encouragement and development of entrepreneurship in the municipality of Cascais. It acts mainly to promote Youth and Social Entrepreneurship through a wide range of partners that make up the "Entrepreneurial Ecosystem", including schools, associations, individuals and companies.

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