Viver Cascais
Viver Cascais is a project of Governance - Cascais Smart City

Viver Cascais is a multi-services card that seeks to promote access to various experiences and services for all those who live, work or study in Cascais. With a range of services, it is another factor that contributes to increasing the quality of life in the municipality.

Currently, it guarantees free access to municipal public transport (which can be combined with other valid tickets from the Lisbon Metropolitan Area), 100 minutes of free parking, access to health teleconsultations and other initiatives of the Vida Cascais Program, or other offers: health screenings, discounts at cultural events, free access to museums and cultural sites. 

The card operates in a hybrid model, so you can access the available services in its physical or digital version (through the APP Viver Cascais).

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Launched in 2020 with free access to municipal public transport, it quickly opened the door to new features. The Covid-19 pandemic was a test of the programme's capacity to learn and adapt, which was only possible because the appropriate response infrastructures were in place. From buses to teleconsultations, it was just one more step. 

As benefits and offers are made available, the demand for them by the beneficiaries makes it possible to gauge how to improve the process and make it more useful for everyone.


Quality of life
is not only represented by universal access to fundamental services, but also by the savings achieved by families through their use. 

This is a growing programme, open to feedback from its users and with various usage profiles.




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