Participatory Budget

The numbers are a mirror of representativeness and when we talk about the Participatory Budget in Cascais (PB) they clearly reflect the high levels of participation and citizenship throughout the municipality.

PB is a municipal project that seeks to encourage the informed and responsible participation of the population in local governance processes. In it, citizens are called upon to decide on the allocation of a significant part of the municipal budget, according to identified needs.

The first edition of the PB took place in 2011, 12 years on the front line; currently this annual event is the largest and most voted Participatory Budgeting in the country.

Involving around 60,000 people per year and a track record of 51 million euros, translated into 219 winning projects, PB Cascais is responsible for carrying out one work in every 0.5 km2 of the municipality. These results place the municipality of Cascais among the most outstanding in Europe and worldwide. 

It is a project that integrates municipal politics and combines direct democracy with representative democracy, consolidated in a system of participation that contributes to an active, informed and responsible citizenship.

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New generation of Public Services

The citizen is at the centre of the municipality's activities, which is why we are committed to developing initiatives that promote a close relationship between the administration and the citizens.

It is important to know, listen to and involve citizens in the development of the municipality, and, on the other hand, to provide quality public services, with efficiency and transparency.

Digital Alert Panel

It aims to alert the population to the risks of a possible disaster (tsunami, heat waves, floods, forest fires, etc.) and how to minimize its impact, with basic safety information for any of these situations.

It consists of a system of digital panels located in Cascais Bay and Carcavelos beach, with information accessible in a simple way, via touch screen. 

This is a pilot project of collaboration between the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML) and the Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources (POSEUR), with the Municipality of Cascais. 

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C2 - Centro de Comando de Cascais

C2 is the command center of the municipality, and allows us to obtain a unified view over all domains of the city, through the integration and visualization of millions of data generated by multiple data sources. 

The real-time collaboration and predictive analyses derived from this process aims to a more efficient and effective management of municipal services, through automation and inter-service communication processes.  

Located in the Cascais/Estoril Parish Council, this center was created in partnership with an innovative network, through the action of entities such as Vision-Box, CardB Systems and CEIIA (among other valuable partnerships).  

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GeoCascais is the municipal geodata portal. With a user-friendly interface, it is based on a Google platform, and has oblique images of the entire municipality territory. 
With more than 1,5 million georeferenced objects available, this service receives an average of 550 visits per day, representing nearly 42 000 requests for database consultation per day.

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Cascais Line

Multichannel Service Line. Through a single phone number (800 203 186), in complement with a single contact email and centralized website, citizens can use the services and communicate with the municipality, accessing several areas of intervention, in a simplified way. 

It provides a simplified response to citizens' requests, and reinforces the contact between the parties, creating a faster response capacity. 

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